Sunday, November 30, 2008

and right out of the gate- a nasty storm

The plan was to next post something as I rounded Cape Horn, but we've sailed out into a particularly nasty storm.  The ship's taking a bit of a beating.  Last night there was a a rather loud thunderstorm with lots of lightening.  We lost sat comms for a while.  There's been a lot of booming crashes as huge combers are slamming the bow.  A few people are a little seasick and I was unable to sleep last night from getting tossed around in bed.  By 2am, my back was giving out and I was forced to take a couple of my emergency muscle relaxers.

The thing about taking muscle relaxers in rough seas is the having to get around.  Getting from my bunk to the shower, sleepy and drugged up was not easy.  Trying to stand in my tiny shower-impossible.  I kept stumbling through the curtain until I finally gave up, rinsing out the shampoo in my sink.  Two hours into my shift and I still can't walk around with coffee in my hand.  I wish I could just walk down the companionway and go back to sleep...

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