Saturday, November 15, 2008

The night before

The plan* was to lie low at 7pm, take in a mindless movie, maybe read a chapter of LP's favorite book to her, then pass the fuck out for 5-6 hours, getting up at 3am to prepare for my favorite day-OPENING DAY OF RIFLE DEER SEASON.  As with the best-laid plans of mice and men, my plan* soon went astray.  Right about pass the fuck out time, in fact.  Three hours of tossing and turning, four trips to pee, stoking the wood stove FIVE times, three smokes and three glasses of water later, here I am at 2:40 am, blogging.   I've also cleaned out my coffee thermos (not touched since last deer season), loaded up a bag o snacks, re-packed all my hunting gear, changed all the batteries in my flashlights, headlamp, GPS and camera.

Much like the night before crew-x, I have a wee bit of trouble sleeping before the hunt.  The adrenaline begins to seep into my veins about 12 hours before first light no matter what I do.   Not an ideal situation, where I need to be at the top of my game at first light and instead will be bleary-eyed and yawning, just like last year and the year before and so on...

Still, just one snapped twig, or patch of moving brown fur and I'll be right as rain.  Let's see-on the bright side, I am well-organized, a light dusting of snow has fallen in the last 4 hours and it is still above 30, I think.  That reminds me that it's time for the weather channel and my LOCAL ON THE 8"s, that is IF they aren't trying to entertain me with some jackass story of how weather changed history, or a segment on the horror that would/could/should ensue if a tsunami and an earthquake hit Cleavland simultaneously, at rush hour, on the day after Thanksgiving.  I think they call those segments Impending Doom or something to that effect.  Why the fuck would anyone turn on the weather channel to actually get a forecast when they can be fed the mindless bullshit they put up as entertainment?  I just don't know, but then I wouldn't shed a tear if all television just dried up and blew away so who am I to judge?  Give me a good book, dammit. 

In fact, I just snagged a good book to set up the afternoon snooze in the blind today:)  I may also take my laptop and do a little blogging from the blind.  I've got a digital camera, now all I need is an unprotected wireless network left on by a nearby hibernating bear...

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