Sunday, November 9, 2008

Preparing for the hunt

At 8am this morning the mercury hovered around 20 above.  It was snowing like hell and blowing up a storm, so I went back to bed.  It was the same thing at 9, but I heard the creak of the woodstove door and knew LP was up and PW was about to crank up a fire, so I dragged my sorry ass out of bed.  Saturday, I did F&*k-all, but today was to be different.  Btw, Mr. Bud and LL, I lasted about an hour after our chat and blew chunks Friday night.  It wasn't the booze, or the pills-I ate so much for our early thanksgiving, I couldn't breathe when I laid down to pass out.  The Roman in me did the smart thing and made a little room, then it was lights out and easy breathing all night.

OK, so this morning I lugged in firewood, stoked the fire and then dug the pickup out of the snow, got my blind, bait and some other bits and bobs loaded and warmed up the truck.  LP and I slogged through the snow to my bait pile and set up the tent blind in a near blizzard.  We re-baited the pile, set out some scent bottles (you know the ones you fill with pee and come with a little wick that you can hang from a tree branch?), put up our folding chairs and buttoned up the blind until next Saturday.  After a little bit of scouting, we headed back to the homestead where PW warmed us up with a big pot of steaming hot, home-made chili.  It was awesome and the perfect food after a bitter cold day in the woods.

We hung out on the couch, working off the chili for an hour then the girls showered and I cleaned off and warmed up the SUV.  The three of us went to LP's skating lessons and after 2 hours of sitting on a bench reading a book, I was allowed to take us grocery shopping.  Two hundred bucks later we made it home just in time to haul in more wood, grab a late dinner and shuffle LP off to bed.  It is still snowing and blowing like a motherf&*ker, but the stove is cranking and I LOVE that radiant heat!

ps. I didn't pee in the little bottles-I meant fill them with DOE urine.

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