Monday, May 18, 2009

An excellent adjustment

Today PW and I got his and hers adjustments at the Chiropractor.  Awesome.  He twisted me up like a pretzel, crushed my lower back and then knuckled the shit out of my fucked up neck.  I feel pretty damn good and PW reports the same.  PW made a killer roast beast for dinner and I've been watching UFC's Ultimate Knockouts for an hour and half.  Good fight at nine, too!

Also starting to make plans and talk about the upcoming weekend with Mr. Budd and LL.   Oooh, sweet vacation!


LL said...

I'm so fucking excited I'm having a hard time focusing. But I'll give you or PW a call tonight. We wimmens will coordinate the menu. ;-)

Macoosh said...

i loooove going to the chiropractor. i need to make an appt...


glad you're home and happy!