Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flooding onboard-SAVE MY LAPTOP!

One of the things I never expected to see while sitting at my computer here on the ship was a wave.  You see, I cannot see outside from where I sit.  However, tonight I saw a wave roll past my workstation.  We flooded.  Mind you, we're sitting here with millions of dollars in computer equipment and a wave of water rolled into the room.  For a moment, nobody even moved we were so stunned.  I've ridden out many a hurricane and never once saw water come into the instrument room, but today, in a small rain squall and marginal seas, we took on a shitload of water.  Soooo, we've spent the last 3 hours mopping, wet-vaccing, unplugging pipes, drying off wires and cables, boxes of equipment, etc.  I've said before that if you're out here long enough, nothing really surprises you anymore.  I guess I was wrong.

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