Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stowaway! (part 2)

Life goes on, much as it always does out here.  A phone call told me PW, LP and MP have gone off on vacation for the weekend.  No word on what happened to The Pirate Dog, henceforth known as PD.  We continue to watch the swine flu soap opera from afar and are preparing for our oncoming crew by setting out hand sanitizing lotion, so they don't infect us when they arrive.

Today, we had a second stowaway drill.  We were given a second chance to find the little bastard who remained hidden for an hour an half, until we were forced to give up and beg him to come out over the ship's intercom.  This time, we nailed him in eleven minutes.  He was found hiding inside a box in our dry stores.  Didn't stop me from climbing all over the ship, sweating my ass off in the African heat, however.

We officially talked about crew-x.  So far, no word that our opposites are going to make it, or if they will sit home an extra two weeks as we did last month...

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