Monday, July 21, 2008

Great Adventure

The voyage continues.  Sea state has been bad for the last 72 hours.  No more than 30-40 knot winds and 4-5 meter seas, but after a few days it gets to be a drain.  Work has been an absolutely depressing mess for days, as well.  Only in the last 24 hours have things picked up and looked slightly rosy. I've been taking nightly saunas in place of helideck workouts.  Too nasty outside and the thought of being entombed down in the gym is enough to send me screaming, especially after a 15 hr shift laden with problems that would cause Sherlock Holmes to burst a blood vessel.

After the sauna, I've begun watching a documentary called Long Way Round.  Fucking brilliant.  Buy it.  Rent it.  Watch it.  I promise you 8 hours of pure entertainment for young and old.   Um, that is if yer young-ens don't mind a little swearing.  It's British swearing and you know they at least swear with class.  Anyway, it's about two blokes who basically jump on motorcycles, head East out of London and just keep going-all the way round the fucking world.  One of them is the rather famous chap who played young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the recent Star Wars movies.  This adventure was also made into a book.  Two years later the daring duo do it again in the documentary and book titled Long Way Down, in which they ride from the nothern tip of Great Britain to the tip of South Africa.  I've already read that book and it too was brilliant.

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Steph said...

I am so picking that documentary up. Ewan McGregor is the only man on this earth for whom I would actually entertain the notion of getting pregnant again.

I read your later post on it and the whole things sounds great!