Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today is the day...

That I have to sit in front of my monitor and watch everything come crashing down, unable to stop it, clueless as to why.  Everything.  Is. Fucked.

This happens every trip, at least once.  Often, once a week.  As my job all boils down to time and there's never enough of it, a stoppage of everything is catastrophic and causes me major fucking stress and $$.  Sitting a thousand miles away from the nearest help (who happens to be sleeping for the next 8 hours, as well) does not fucking help.

Does anyone else out there have a job where part of your normal routine is to be forced to watch your world fall apart, every time you go to work?  This is why my hair that's not falling out in clumps is rapidly turning grey.

On top of it all, circuit training starts back up today and our medic/dungeon master just laughs maniacally if asked about it.  I'm kind of scared.

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Mr. Bud said...

well, the cruise ship is sounding fun.... not.

surfacing to the net for about 6 hrs. at home, need anything checked?