Saturday, July 26, 2008

My food takes the log way down, too.

Well, the ship did not get boarded by pirates, or blown apart by hidden bombs.  We had some repair work work going on that superseded the planned drill.  Maybe next week...

Last night I was so strung out I climbed into my rack immediately after the mid-day meal following my shift.  Loaded up  Long Way Down, the sequel to Long Way Round.  The intrepid pair this time set off to ride scooters from John 'O Groats in the North of Scotland, to the tip of South Africa.  Despite the extra planning and support this time round, they are still both certifiable. I watched the first two of 6 episodes.  I must admit, whatever they're doing, I find these two guys highly entertaining.  The European and North African scenery certainly rivals that of the previous ever-eastward journey, with the possible exception of Khazakistan and few bits of Mongolia.  I highly recommend both these video documentaries.

And you can bet I'll be getting this at point, too.  Charlie's a laugh and I can certainly commiserate with how hard it is to get rid of the chub after a certain age, no matter how hard you work at it.  I'll be out on the helideck working at this afternoon.

So yesterday, we received some emergency rations by taking one of our small boats over to the supply vessel.  Today, we might just bring them alongside and get the whole nine yards, if the sea state comes down.  The vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast was heaven!


Mr. Bud said...

so... what are the four other questions you are supposed to ask a bomber?

are you bringing these movies home?

I'll trade cha. when the last time you saw "The Breakfast Club"?, "Raising Arizona" or maybe.. "Harvey (1950)"?

Steph said...

Don't listen to Mr. Bud. The Breakfast Club may have been entertaining when we were teenagers but is not fab at all in the re-watching.