Thursday, February 19, 2009


I stumble; my mind unhorsed.  Trampled underfoot the last 24, besieged from all sides, home and work:( 

Today, about a third of the crew left.  They're taking a slow boat to shore.  Tomorrow, I chopper off.  Everyone who works for me has left.  I'm sitting here totally alone.  It's kind of strange and depressing.  Not to mention I have a shit-load of work to do and nobody to delegate to:(  

A kingdom of one and a very ragged one, at that.

Bright side is that in about 24 hours I will cruising over the African plains in a chopper, heading for the nearest watering hole.  Those water buffalo better get the fuck out of my way when I belly up to the bar.

Picked up another 25 GB of music, Mr. Bud.  Not to mention a few flicks.

This morning I ate two tablespoons of instant coffee, right out of the jar.  Breakfast of champions.


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