Monday, February 16, 2009

Disaster, averted

Yesterday, as I sat in the smoking lounge conducting an appraisal with one of my reports, the ship went dark and silent.  I jumped up, looked out a porthole and saw we were slowing.  Loss of power and propulsion!  Not a good thing if you are towing, say, 40 MILES of free-floating gear behind your ship, that just keeps going if you stop.  Had to run through pitch-black companionways to get to my computer system and insure that it survived the switch from ship's power to UPS.  All was well, except for 2 machines that were not actually connected to the UPS.  Surprise!  Anyway, we re-instated power and propulsion, forthwith and motored on ahead.  Everything out back eventually settled down and we kept on keepin on.  In the end, just a bit of adrenaline.  Four more days of this shit.

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