Saturday, February 7, 2009

And the days just drag on and on...

Same old shit out here, currently.  It's hot, about 105 degrees, sunny and calm-same as always in Angola.  I am still doing 18-20 hour days and dead-freaking tired.  Two weeks to go...

Today, we had a muster drill, then took turns at different stations around the ship, training in various aspects of fire-fighting, life-saving, escape and abandoning ship.  Much-needed diversion for me.

Last night I managed a victory in one of the many small battles that make up the war that is my job this trip.  Took me 22 hours sitting in front of a computer to figure it out.  Took a sauna and watched my first movie (Last of The Mohicans) of the trip afterward.  Long, long, long day.  Grabbed a 4 hour cat nap and I am right back at it, but can't get the sandpaper feeling out of my eyes.

I received my flight details today.  I have an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam:)  Schiphol  Airport is one of my favorites.  It has great pubs, porn, great duty-free shops, a casino and if you have more than an hour layover (yes, I do), hash bars and brothels right where you get off the train from the airport.  Always a treat, that Amsterdam...better than Luanda, or Charles de Gaul in Paris, anyway.

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