Saturday, August 15, 2009

"...and I shall grind whatever grist the mill requires"

Another day in paradise.  Paperwork, computer maintenance are the tasks of the day.  Wishing we would head for Namibia, but we still have some testing and gear retrieval to accomplish, first.


Came across a website dedicated to one of my favorite authors.  The author is a regular, DAILY, participant on the discussion boards!  I cannot convey in words what a delight this is!!  Many of the books I read are of the world-building, sci-fi genre, where the reader is required to invest more than bit of grey matter in order to understand the underlying physics and natural laws that govern the universe the story is set in.  The particular series I'm talking about is so well-written that in addition to the time and thought invested in understanding the universe, I've found myself emotionally invested in the characters, over the years and I've been reading this series for over 10 years (15 books, 7500 pages worth).  What a treat it is to have 10 years of questions, now answerable.  Post a question and the author usually responds in a day, or two.  That kind of dedication to your fans is pretty much unheard of, especially from an author of over 50 novels . I am pleased as punch:)


The thyme-scented coffee makes me gag in the morning...

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