Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Musical Statistics

Adding some tags, loves and tracks to my library (all 49 pages of the shit) and I end up wasting time, cruising my musical neighbor's sites for tracks to steal.  At one site, I find a group and on their discussion board a post links this.  Funny. Shit.

Still wrapping up things here in (off of ) Angola.  Deleting 10 months of work off  the system is seriously depressing, though.  All that work, one click and *poof* its gone:(

The crane is working overtime, right over my head.  Hard to concentrate with the freaking howling of the hydraulics.  Got my music turned up LOUD and its just not helping.

This trip there was one other American onboard.  She's leaving today, leaving me as the resident Yank.  Things are going to get tougher.

Finally, the British Chief Mechanic on here brought me back a book he picked up years ago, oddly, when he was passing through the states.  Its about a corporate manger-type who goes to the big house for manslaughter and chronicles his time in the joint.  Its dark and funny and twisted and I highly recommend it after reading the first 237 pages non-stop last night till 1am.  Go get yerself some "You Got Nothing Coming"

Even more odd is that my opposite, who is also British, also just left me a book in the cabin we both occupy.  Its also about a guy who does time in prison, but in Thailand, for drugs.  I'm suddenly wondering what these British guys think of me...I mean, I haven't seen the inside of a cell in fucking years, dawgs.

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