Monday, August 17, 2009

Midnight wake up

Dead freaking tired this morning.  Was awoken at 1am by a phone call from PW.  Possible emergency so the adrenaline was pumping, big time.  Thankfully, it was not an emergency, but I ended up emailing back and forth with my oldest daughter for an hour.  After that I couldn't sleep. Too keyed up from the possibility that something bad happened to my family.  Out here, you cannot help but be painfully aware that you are 12,000 miles and several days away from home no matter what happens and that if you have to DO anything, you only have a phone and email at your disposal.  Even after 12 years, it's scary and frustrating and stressful.

Anyway, I'm just thankful that everyone is safe and well. The mood onboard is tinged with hope.  The market is in pretty bad shape and we were looking at an extended period with no work, but it looks like we have a good shot at work in Brazil and relatively soon (few months).  Right now any work is good, but Brazil is an added bonus, especially for me-it would get me back to the western hemisphere for the first time in years...


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