Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This morning's email from LL has a link to Bonnaroo and I go check out the artists.  Bad move.  I wanna GO!  A show featuring The Mars Volta, Elvis Costello, Bela Fleck, Lucinda Williams, Robert Earl Keen Jr., Phish, NIN, David Byrne, Al Green, Paul Okenfeld and the great Merle Haggard, and a host of others.  Dang.

Not to be totally disappointed, I realized that I can simply have my own Bonnaroo, here.  It aint live, but it beats a two by four upside the head.

Lucinda Williams is headlining.  She'll be followed by David Byrne and The Mars Volta for the morning show.



LL said...

I had never heard of Bonnaroo until my sister told me about it. How can they have a yearly festival like that and I've never heard of it??

Mr. Bud said...


Mr. Bud said...

6 hrs last fm's been playing whilst I explain why I need to pay 'bama.

out of all that music, how do we pick the same songs?

becoming serious eerie psycho weirdness.