Friday, April 10, 2009

Sailors beware

As a sailor, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm superstitious.  Sometimes very much so and never more so than when it comes to crew-x.  So, I wouldn't mention that I'm going to get off the ship very early this trip, but I've already had to tell PW and if I'm to be jinxed, well, I've already done it.  So, yes, I have just worked out the particulars of leaving here VERY early, in as little as two weeks.  I've got a workshop that previously scheduled for early May, long before my next crew-x was moved back to mid-May.  If all goes well, I'll be out of here on or about the 25th of this month, giving me lots o time to get back to the states and make my workshop in Houston.  Plan on taking PW and LP with me, so I was REALLY hoping to make it home and now, it looks like I'll not only make it, but have an extra two weeks and a bit with the family:)

On a totally unrelated note, our honey comes from China and smells like chemicals.  It has a date produced (do the little communist worker bees punch a time clock and have quotas?) and an expiration date (honey does not expire and can, in fact last thousands of years).

Yesterday, we had a discussion about the wii game, all it's little gadgets and how you have to actually MOVE your body to play it.  I noted that I won't be getting one unless they come out with a Wii bed and a line of sex games.

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