Monday, April 13, 2009


So by now you all know I get a bit obsessed with my digital music collection.  I happen to think it's normal when I work and listen to music 12-20 hours a day, seven days a week out here, but whatever.  Last night I completed rating my entire collection: 1,177 artists, 17,688 songs.  Rated every one of those bastards.  I was quite pleased with myself when I hit the rack last night.  Today, I popped up my 5 stars and hit shuffle in Media Player.

It suddenly plays only about 50 of the 4,000-odd 5-star tunes.  It also plays a handful that aren't 5-star.  WTF?   I hate Media Player.

For any Yoopers out there:
A guy from lower Michigan instant messaged a Filipino guy working in my office.  I had the Filipino call him a troll:)

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Mr. Bud said...

dude. I love that file.
5 days straight. Even went and got good headphones.

today: Stevie Wonder after 'Superstition' popped up.

Stones, J Geils, Van whale'n, each had a day.. thrown in with 'dead skunk' and 'convoy'

media player 9 still works great.