Saturday, April 11, 2009


Going through my statcounter page for this blog I see that yesterday, no less than 3 different people googled "layover in Amsterdam how to get to brothel".  It warms my heart to see that this blog is also functioning as a public service, providing information to people in need.  If I wasn't clear a few posts back, it is a simple matter of following the signs for the train and passing through passpport control and customs.  Once you get to the terminal above the trains, there are train schedules posted all over, along with diagrams.  There are also a bunch of kiosks to buy your ticket.  Get the express train direct into Amsterdamn.  It takes about 20 minutes, one way, so you need 40 minutes, plus time for your business, plus another 30 minutes to clear passport control and customs on the way back to your gate.  The train dumps you right there at the red-light/hash bar district.  You have less than 2 blocks to walk to get whatever it is that floats yer boat.  The mind-altering stuff is found on the menus and posted on the walls.  The um, livelier fare can be window-shopped from the sidewalk.  Being married, I wouldn't know anything beyond the window-shopping, but I'm sure ya'll can figure it out for yourselves when you get there.  This has been a public service announcement from the proprietors of Addled Mind and Idle Hands, in connection with The Pirate, who does not ever operate off the coast of Somalia and will not be kidnapping your husbands, sons and brothers for gold.  We will now return to our regular programming.

Last night I worked a couple hours late. About 2 hours later I wandered back in to check on something and all hell broke loose.  Ended up having to work another 7 freaking hours.  Feel like crap today.  Still, we are making some progress and the stress level is exponentially lower this trip.
The extra hours allowed me to finally complete the rating of my 6,000 new songs.  I now have a kick-ass, 5-star rating playlist that fucking rocks.  I've been listening to it on shuffle today and it like somebody dug around in my head and created the ultimate radio station just for me.  It changes from Metallica's Sandman to Aquarious/Let the Sun Shine In to Billy Preston's Will it Go Round in Circles to Brad Paisely doing Ticks and rounds things out with Crossfade, Linkin Park or maybe the Partridge Family.  It makes me laugh and smile all day:)  If you're curious, or one of the three people (you know who you are) that get up and use this site as a radio station, you can go to my page, browse the charts, or check out my library, and play most of my tunes from either one.  The tunes on here are limited and it will take a lot of work to encorporate the newest additions to my personal library.
The weather, which has been sort of cloudy, cool, rainy and windy has turned the corner and it is once again AFRICA HOT here.  I'm bugging out early to get some sun and rest.  Ya'll be cool.

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