Monday, March 5, 2007


Hey, I'm alive. Getting back on my feet and posting will resume, forthwith. I promise. Depending on booze intake and heretofore ignored honey-do list. And weather. And future snowboarding accidents-still trying to get there!

UPDATE: I've been working on a book review for FTTW, but it seems we now have an official book reviewer onboard now, so I will try to tidy it up and hammer it up on the wall here, tomorrow. Meanwhile, Tuesday is Pirate Day over at FTTW, so go have re-read of the last half of my first pirate adventure and say hello to our new book reviewer and all the other loonies;) And Blondie? Give 'em hell if you see anything you don't like and ask 'em where in the hell my bio is:)

Oh, the Gauntlet article is particularly good, as well. Travis really bares his soul;)

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Queen of Dysfunction said...

Posting had better damned well start forthwith. Or else we'll cyber-shun your sick ass. Or something like that...