Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mobile in Mobile

While in Mobile, I had to have my doctor call in a prescription for my deja voux strep. This also meant hoofing it to the nearest pharmacy to pick it up. It was 35 degrees warmer than home so I enjoyed the walk (only 7-8 blocks). I took my camera along for the walk and all of you, too.

I stopped at a park

Saw a statue

Read the plaque underneath

And found some cool stone work on the way out.

Which was done with little, granite tiles.

On the way back, I felt like the freaking gopher in Pa when I saw my shadow-a rare occasion back home.

Then, a couple of bums hassled the shit out of me so I couldn’t whip out my camera and get a shot of this really cool church-see it? No, you can’t-fucking bums.

Anyway, I also saw a sort of bizarre museum with big party dudes on the porch.


Freddie said...

Cool pics.

And the trees... They have leaves!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Love the photos! Especially that museum. Do you suppose that you could buy it so that Travis and I have a playground?

Hope your strep goes away soon.

Maeve said...

I thought that WAS Trav & the Queen out front.

Anonymous said...

awesome pics ya took. Glad at least ya had good walking weather. That's always a plus. LOL