Friday, March 30, 2007

Low morale

I'm onboard. The stress of traveling, uncomfortable seats, benches and decks while flying, driving and sailing out my ship, coupled with the stress of the first two shifts always wrench my back out of whack. I hate being crippled as soon as I arrive...


Anonymous said...

Ah just remember Pirate, it can only get better from here. Any worse we may has to take ya off the shipe with an elephant gun.

Um, can ya drink when yer not on shift?? If so me has heard a coupla stiff shots always helps. LOL

Macoosh said...

we had that flag sign thingy up in all our cubicles at the insurance company.

always made me giggle.

hope you're feeing better!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Pirate, I think you need to just grab a few of your co-workers and throw them overboard. That would probably help make you more cheery.

At least it would make for interesting blog posts!

pIRATE said...

-no booze on my ships:(
-but throwing others overboard sounds like an excellent idea.