Thursday, March 1, 2007

Flu Blizzard

Hey. We are right in the middle of the blizzard. Not as bad as I thought it would be, but the winds are definitely up around 50mph and the snow is blowing sideways, along with a fair number of branches off my many trees. Despite having the flu, I managed to shovel, unload two snow blowers out of my pickup, get pizza and an adjustment from my big, hairy chiropractor. I’m now exhausted and cold, laying in bed trying to decide between watching any other inferior movie, or Apollo 13, for thousandth time. Tough call, since I just watched Apollo 13. You know, I think I watch it every time Blondie mentions Jim Lovell, which is quite often and cool for me since he’s my idol.

Well, the wind is howling so bad I am going to have to break out the headphones and hoe-shit, we nearly lost power just now. I think the tree in front is pulling the gooseneck off of the house just like last winter. Going to be a cold night, dammit. Later.

UPDATE: I will always remember this storm as the flu blizzard. My little girl has been sick for several days. My oldest girl started complaining yesterday. I've been down for 2-3 days and feel worse tonight than any time since getting sick. It's 4:30 in the morning right now, the blizzard is howling and my oldest just puked all over the place. PW tied a towel around her head like a vomit ninja and cleaned up the puke while I stumbled around on the legs of a rubber chicken, mumbling things like, "We need more towels" and "You missed a spot". We put buckets and towels next to the kids. PW is sleeping now and I am standing sentinel over the house and sick kids, or more accurately, sitting on the couch, blogging while I sneeze and blow my nose. My stomach is churning, but I'm not sure if it's from the flu, the half a large pizza I ate tonight, the sight of my son's half sprayed around the room, or from watching the last 20 minutes of a really stupid movie called Broken Arrow. Whatever, I'm gonna get some nachos and a cuppa coffee.


Blondie said...

Oh, your poor thing. The only puke I've had to deal with lately is King's, but I feel your pain.

I do hope you watched Apollo 13. So every time I mention Jim you watch it? Cool. Like a drinking game. I'll randomly throw his name into posts just to set you off at different times. Wheeeeeeeee!

For reals, I hope you get better soon. :(

Freddie said...

Geez! Hope EVERYTHING blows over soon.

What could be worse than enduring a blizzard? Enduring it with illness, and lots of it. Yikes.

Poor pirate family. Sending you wellness vibes!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

OMG, you poor thing. I am so sorry, having sick kids is the best and worst of both worlds. They're quite, but they're not feeling well. But still, there's that whole "Daddy snuggle with me" factor that's pretty cool, no?

I love that you called this the Flu Blizzard. There is something deliciously poetic about that.

A chuisle said...

i'm more sorry you had to endure Broken Arrow.

LeeAnn said...

Sorry everyone is sick. But "nachos and a churning stomach" sounds like more work for your wife when you "blow"! What happened to eating chicken noodle soup? Hope everyone is one the road to recovery.

Jay said...

Things are sounding pretty rough around there dude. Hope things get better quick.

Pirate said...

hey everyone. had to dig out from day one of blizzard. sick as a fucking dog, now. where did that saying come from? my dog is never sick.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Dude, Pirate I feel for you and your family. Just know that I was saying prayers for you today. As I sat in my swimsuit. Next to the pool. In 75 degree weather.

LL said...

I'm feeling your pain. Nobody is sick here, but just the blizzard alone was fuckall ugly. May your buddy shovel the walk while you're down for the count. Ok, don't MAKE him, but beg and pay him in booze. He's a good guy, you know he'll help you out.

Maeve said...

MMMMMM nachos.
Do you put jalpenos on yours?
Sorry to hear your family is doing so poorly.
My SIL could not make it in to work the roads were so bad. But her puppy sure loved the snow!

Pirate said...

Q1- A pox on you and your swimming pool!

LL- He messaged me in the morning asking if I needed a hand, but me and the neighbor hammered it out once we dug out and pulled out his buried plow truck. It was fucking deep here-even the road grader plow got stuck.

Maeve- I actually like mild yellows on my nachos, but smother them in habenero sauce. I really like habeneros!!

Maeve said...

I'm not a habenero fan. Just a wee bit too spicy for me.
My friend eats them like candy.
But then she's a freak of nature.

Mr. Bud said...

hey, that's MY stupid movie... wonder why i never missed it? When is this snow supposed to let up... maybe they should sent ol jim cantori up here so LL can get some more points. he'd freeze his lil bald head off. now i'm hoping the snow doesn't stop, this plowin for booze idea is great! inebriated plowing in a 4.2 ton truck... heehee watch out snowmobilers!!
stay cozy dude..

Blondie said...

Just checking in to see if you are still alive. Looks like you were as of the 3rd. Whew! Get better!!!