Friday, July 20, 2007

The breaks

Thank God my brakes were only 700 bucks! I thought I was going to end up spending 700 bucks on my brakes and what a drag that would have been. Fuck. I think it was the Queen who said something about hoping my brakes don’t cost another wallet of cash. Well, they didn’t-I only had about eighty bucks in there and had to write a check. I was going to say that’s the breaks, but instead of being a smart-ass, I’ll note that In 1901, British inventor Frederick William Lanchester patented disc brakes and 206 years later they cost me a fucking fortune.

On the plus side, dealing with and worrying about my brakes has made it easier to put off cleaning out the basement in order to get at the plumbing for the bathroom. I’m supposed to be preparing to completely gut the bathroom and redo it from the floor joists up, before I head back to the ship and after our mini vacation at the water park resort. If I play my cards right and schedule another vacation in between the water park and crew-x, I won’t have time to do the bathroom and when PW falls into the basement taking a shower sometime in September, I’ll be thousands of miles away, paying some contractor the equivalent of three paychecks to teach LP what plumbers butt is.

Well, it’s 2:30am and PW just stomped through, reminding me that most people around here sleep at night. I’m still working on that…


Freddie said...

Please, don't leave PW with a gutted bathroom. That sucks. Believe me, I know.

Macoosh said...

man alive, you just are having a great fun filled vacation aren't you?!?!

oh well; at least life is never boring. and at least the brakes are fixed so you don't have to think about them anymore.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Seven hundred? Ouch. Sorry your brakes went out before you were able to skip back off to the ship and leave someone else to go crashing into a guardrail.

When's the trip to the water park?

Mr. Bud said...

hey. your mechanic's home.
and i have a stunning plummer butt.

now that the trucks fixed.. can i borrow it? ha.

Anonymous said...

Me is gonna hope that LP never has to at her age get scarred for life seeing a 'plumber's butt''. Now me cant speak for the USA but Canadian Plumbers me has seen. The poor girl be having nightmares and be scarred for life. So, for the sake of sanity get it done. Me has faith in ya. LOL ;)