Friday, July 13, 2007


Well, Im halfway home. Wednesday was a very long day. It began 10pm Tuesday night when I woke up to work the midnight shift and ended 26 hours later when my head hit the hotel pillow around midnight, last night. The 3am wake up call was not appreciated, but served it’s purpose in getting me to the shuttle bus in time to make a 5am appointment with the ticket counter. Despite being dead fucking tired and fogged under by booze and muscle relaxers for my back, I couldn’t sleep on the plane. Slogging through Memphis airport, I made my way to the Blue Note CafĂ© and I’m currently digging into their Memphis Slam breakfast; an artery-clogging mountain made out of two biscuits, piled high with hash browns, sausage and eggs, smothered in gravy and topped with shredded cheeses. I plan on following it with another cyclobenzaprine washed down with the last of my monster O.J.

Last night we stayed in the Battleship Inn, right next door to a retired WWII battleship. I don’t know her name but her number was 60 and I’m going to guess she was the Alabama, since I was in Mobile. The only other thing in walking distance was a restaurant in the parking lot and we tore that place up last night. Forty, very thirsty guys walked in and worked the staff to death. The bartenders were so harried, that they started yelling, swearing and got downright rude after one of them sliced his hand open trying to make a white Russian. Turned it into a bloody marry and it’s recipient didn’t hesitate one second, snatching it up and downing it, blood and all:( I managed to escape after just a few beers and a couple double shots of Jameson to wash down my cheeseburger and oysters. My opposite was delayed d/t weather and we did handover at the hotel instead of the bar. It’s always pleasant to give your opposite the lowdown and wish him luck in the coming five weeks, no matter where you are, but doing it in a bar lends a more cheery atmosphere to the whole affair. I doubt he would agree, given his point of view, but I had a damn good time, despite it being the end of a 26-hour day.

Well, breakfast is gone and I have to get gone myself. Maybe I’ll update this before I post it from home, tonight. I hope everyone out there is well.

How about an update from Minneapolis? I’ve got a 2 hr layover and nothing to do since I don’t smoke. I used to head out to the shuttle bus area between terminals G and C, where the least busy security checkpoint resides, but now? BORING. I’m walking around window-shopping until I meet the new and improved FOOD COURT. Now, in addition to the Burger King ,they have a new deli, some sort of California Pizza joint and the one I tried, a 360 DEGREE(HOW DO YOU MAKE A FUCKING DEGREE SYMBOL??) Burrito joint. I tried a huge, lime-garlic chicken burrito stuffed with black beans, Spanish rice, lettuce tomato and salsa. It’s pretty meh; too much cilantro. I’m actually, mildly disgusted with it and the Naked fruit smoothy. Don’t they know mixing blackberries and bananas makes your smoothy taste like baby food?


Finally, I am home, but I’m too tired to post this. Guess I’ll head off to bed and post it tomorrow..


Mr. Bud said...

glad yer home... poster child. couple days out of the loop and plenty of reading to catch up on here...

no smokie treats so now your going to clog your arteries? hehe.

Fyremandoug said...

you mean like this 360�

So go to start/Programs/Accesories/System tools/Character Map and copy out the Little �

Have a cool time Pirate


Maeve said...

How the hell do you slice open your hand makeing a white russian?

The Pirate said...

mr bud- come home, my bathtub is sinking into the basement:(

Doug-appreciate it my man, I'm gonna be a symbol-makin fool in no time:)

maeve-I have no idea, its one of those little mysteries that take place under the bar. You know, bartender takes white russian under the bar and out of site, then comes up with a bloody mary and bloody stump??