Monday, July 9, 2007

Until sunrise

Its 4:30 in the morning and the mood aboard the ship is subdued. Everyone is hiding-in dark corners, behind closed doors, between headphones, or deep in their own thoughts. There is little, or no conversation anywhere on the ship and it has been that way for hours. Operations are currently suspended, so there is no radio chatter, and there are no phone calls.

I've begun doing laundry, tidying up my workspace and things of that nature, a day early due to the lack of work and in anticipation of the next 72 hours being the polar opposite. A supply ship should arrive on station sometime tomorrow. A personnel transfer takes place tomorrow and operations should also resume late morning or early afternoon, as well.

I've retreated to my cabin after a cup of yogurt and a slice of wheat toast. I spend little time in here during the trip, but always seem drawn here near the end; almost as if it represents my home here and I'm going to miss it. But I doesn't and I won't.

Sure, I'll miss the crew. There's the guy who spent a week, mapping out a two-state, eleven-city, Hooters tour for the upcoming break. Every day, on Mapquest, tweaking his route to make it as efficient as possible. He will be filling up some sort sort of Hooters passbook in order to get a free Hooters party that consists of 200 wing dings, or some such fare-boobies included. I'll miss the tall, quiet guy who's in turmoil over his ex-wife's treatment of their children, contemplating the agony of family court. He never talks much to me and last night felt compelled to spill his guts for two hours, over too many cups of coffee in the mechanics shack. The old, wise one who just may have been the first pirate ever and is so near to retirement that he can taste it; I'll miss him, too.

I could go on, but I won't. I'm going to pack some of things going home with me; this time for good. Then, I'm going to get a cuppa joe and look for sharks cruising the edge of the light shining off the stern, until the sun begins to rise.


Macoosh said...

this is a beautiful post. you do your profession a great honor. you'll always be a pirate to me!!!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

I'm with Macoosh. This post is brilliant, simple, and terrific.

I envy you being able to watch for sharks. I wish I could sit somewhere and do that. Holler if you spot one ok?

The Pirate said...

Machoosh- Thank you, there is much honor here and one can only try to do it justice. I've decided this trip ti make my pirateness official-I'm getting the jolly roger from my sidebar tattoed during the break.

Q1-muchas gacias:) I see the sharks every few nights. They come and go when we are stationary on DP.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pirate,
You don't happen to work on a Geco boat do you? I work for big blue myself.


The Pirate said...

Roger that, aceman. What ship are you on?

Drop me an email at