Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter and the water park in Wisconsin, really

Ya, eh? I’m a slacker-sue me. This is my first healthy break in six months and I’ve been a bit busy. Things like failing bathroom floors, rotting trees, a basement piled high with all kinds of crap and missing a door have just got be addressed. Let us not forget a dead furnace, booze and time with the family, exploring the great outdoors.

The vacation last week was just what we all needed, I think. Damn, I forgot to download the photos! (Pause to smack forehead, fill wineglass and download the damn pics).

Sorry for the wait, I was sidetracked by some leftover pizza I found in the fridge, oh yeah. Back to the vacation…

We visited the Wilderness Resort in the beautiful Wisconsin Dells, just a bit north and a smaller bit west of Madison, about a six-hour drive from me casa that felt like 20 hours after not sleeping for 2 days (don’t ask). I say beautiful, but I’m only going on Internet pictures and word of mouth because the resort is less than a mile from the highway and I never left the place to actually poke around the Dells-there was no need.

Wilderness Resort boasts about 1,000 rooms, a bunch of cabins, chalets and I think, around a hundred condos. Only guests have access to the resorts four outdoor and three indoor water parks and one indoor dry park, which made for short, or no lines everywhere we went. Each of the parks was huge, packed with things to do for all ages and a total blast. I cannot say enough about the place. From the moment we arrived, everything went really well. Check-in was at 4pm. We arrived at 11am to get in a half day of fun before getting the room-they let you into the resort and water parks whenever you arrive, getting your room after 4. Our room was ready at 11 and we hit the water just a few minutes later. For the next four days, pretty much everything went the same way. Of course, the second day I got sunburned pretty bad, painted with only SPF 30, instead of the 200 recommended by Mr. Bud-doh! A pleasant mixture of Pina Coladas and Cyclobenzaprine took care of that mistake for the rest of the trip, however. We ate a lot of semi-junk food, drank a bunch of coladas, hit every single water park and the dry park, twice. LP ran amok, or swam amok?? everywhere we went. She made a few friends, as did PW and I. The last full day we floated around a big, lazy, man-made river on tubes with a nice family from Madison and LP was nearly jumping out of her skin having another whole family to hang with in water park heaven and we, too enjoyed the adult company. We only bothered to take pictures one day and most were pretty fuzzy for several reasons…so, here’s one…

[Ed. note: I have no idea why I have a picture of this unknown person's back??]

…and another blurry one that sums up the time we had there.

I also promised a shot or two from the Harry Potter book bash at the local bookstore, so here’s my little witch before the party, around 10:30-still sassy and chipper…

…by midnight she was one pissed-off witch and I was thankful her curses weren’t magic!


NewfiesWoman said...

...bymidnight she was pissed off with and I was thankful her curses weren't magic! LMAO LMAO just a little FYI in a few years yer gonna look back and wanna shrink her back to when her curses werent magic. Cuz as god is me witness when they hit about 11 or so their curses do become magic LMAO

Glad ya had a ball at the waterpark though. Sounds like fun was had by all.

And congradulation btw. LOL

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Your kids are adorable, especially with the witch outfit.

So... have you finished your list for PW? I'd hate to marshall the forces of feminity against you on her behalf.

Mr. Bud said...

unknown person's back?
well that's Sally Mae Hurtferder from grande island kneeebraska.
i'd recognize those elbows anywhere.

sorry. diazepam must be working.

Blondie said...

Hahaha! I couldn't muster up the energy to find a witch costume, but I did see one little girl with a toilet lid on her head pretending to be Moaning Myrtle. But she wasn't as cute as your little girl. :)