Sunday, July 1, 2007

Take that show on the road

Yesterday I read THIS and thought, “Boy, do I miss the wildlife when I’m out here, at sea”. About 10 minutes later, I stepped out on deck to get to the mechanic’s shop for a roll of shrink wrap and I see a pod? of dolphins swimming by. About 4-50 of the happy, little bastards. They were just quietly swimming past the ship, paying us no mind. I whistled and clapped, like I do when I want to stand on my porch like a jackass while my dog is off screwing the neighborhood bitches, or whatever he does when he pretends I’m not calling him.

The whole damn bunch turned as one and swam up closer to the ship. The show began. Tail smacking, leaps, flips and general tomfoolery lasting for about 20 minutes. At one point, I would clap and one would smack his/her tail on the water. If I clapped twice-you got it, two tail smacks. I don’t miss wildlife quite so much now, but I can’t help wonder if Sea World is missing part of their act.


Freddie said...

...and sometimes we envy YOU.

Jay said...

I bet that was pretty cool.

There was a story in my local paper about a man just north of town who walked out on his back porch to drink his morning coffee and found a black bear on his property. So, he yelled at it. Then he suddenly realized he needed to get back into his house very quickly. LOL

Bears don't play well with others.

Blondie said...

Damn, dolphins are smart. I wish I had a pet dolphin.

Maeve said...

Dolphins are cool. We get such a kick out of them when we go to the beach.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

I am so jealous of your dolphin sighting. So seriously? They slapped their tails twice for two claps?

Those little fuckers can communicate better than Flipper!

The Pirate said...

Swear to God on the tail smacks. Several were smacking their tails occasionally, then one stopped swimming and smacked his tail about 10 times in a row (I assumed as an attention-getter), and then we started trading-just like that.