Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eight plus one by one (me)

Freddie tagged me, so I cannot refuse. However, me no play by the rules.

Nine habits/facts about the Pirate, some of which might even surprise PW…

1. At sea, my anality knows no bounds. Yes, Freddie, I am lurking and paying attention:) Everything I come in contact with must be perfectly placed when not in use. Even my pencils are lined up to the edge of my keyboard, or placed symmetrically next to my clipboard. I log every single thing I do in an electronic log and note the amount of time it takes to do every single task I perform, just because. I also triple-check everything I complete, and it is a rare day that a mistake gets by this triple-check (A large part of the work I perform out here is finding and correcting mistakes before the final product is delivered, so it’s by necessity, but I LOVE doing it). I count my vitamins, make sure my clothes are folded and stacked symmetrically and fold my bed linens with military precision. Before I sleep, I lay out my clothes, fireman-style (see #9), mentally rehearse and plan out every move I will make between opening my eyes and drinking my first cup of coffee, despite the fact that my morning routine rarely varies beyond whether or not I wear a belt. I can’t fall asleep until I do this.

2. At sea, I am probably considered quiet. I trade the obligatory pirate stories, but prefer my headphones and a good blog.

3. I watched more than six movies this trip and 2 of them made me cry. I Am Sam tore my ass up…I am listening to that soundtrack right now, though-GREAT BEATLES COVERS!!

4. I’ve been to more countries than states and that kind of sucks.

5. I’ve got a wart on my big toe and after trying all the commercial remedies, decided to try the duct tape method, just last night.

6. I could eat Mexican, or Asian food, or venison, and nothing else, for the rest of my life.

7. Because I’m a Geophysicist, everyone assumes I’m an egghead and a geek. However, I’m a marine firefighter, crane operator, rigger, as well as open-ocean coxswain and First Responder. Of all the jobs I have held, only in welding was I actually schooled. Welding is also the only thing I’ve ever done that just came to me, naturally. Nearly everything else has been an unpleasant fight to learn. I’m more comfortable with a sledgehammer than with a computer and would like to take the former to latter, often.

8. I own at least 30 books that I’ve probably read over 200 times, each. Steinbeck is my favorite author and Winter of Our Discontent, is probably my favorite book. I estimate I’ve read about 15,000 books, to date. PW would never have believed me back in high school if I had told her that I tried to read at least one full novel per day and that my natural reading speed was faster than Evelyn Wood taught way back when. My son is also a natural speed-reader. This is not a contradiction to my egghead statement above, I just like to read and read fast, dammit.

9. I prefer odd numbers, and things in groups or multiples of three and that is why you get nine, instead of eight. Three is also my favorite number and the day of the month I was born on. As an example, I’ve trained myself to be able to wake up from a dead sleep, completely dress, don a life jacket and arrive at the muster station in exactly 30 seconds, despite there being no such requirement. It just makes me feel better.


Freddie said...

GREAT response! Very interesting. Thanks for playing along.

And I actually believe that you pay attention. I lurk a lot too, mostly because I just have nothing to say but it doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed what I've read.

Macoosh said...

wow, you are so much like me it's frightening. seriously.

what's the duct tape method? i had a wart on my toe when i was little that wouldn't go away no matter what we and the doctors tried.

finally one day i just ripped it out. it never came back and my toe looks fine.

totally gross story, but that's all i got on warts...

The Pirate said...

Freddie-it was my pleasure:) I've been lurking everywhere these days, just not much to say, either...

Macoosh- You put a duct tape over the wart or a few days, then take it off for a day, then another for a few days, then off a day, and so on, 3-4 times, then wait and wait ad it should disappear...I hope

By the way, you must be an awesome human bean:)

Macoosh said...

that's good to know; let me know if that works. i don't think i'll get any more warts personally...i think they're all afraid i will destroy them (evil laugh) but i can pass that info on!

yea, it was the weirdest thing. i was sitting watching tv w/ my legs crossed so my toe was facing me, and i just grabbed ahold and ripped. i was like, 8 years old. should've known then the kind of girl i'd become. hehe