Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All's quiet here :)

Still recovering. Still sore, too-dammit. Pondering a return visit to the butcher to get my bits and bobs checked out. I can't seem to sit up straight, or lift anything heavy without a lot of pain. They look, but don't feel, normal. Sucks.

Had Mr. Bud over for a wonderful venison steak dinner. PW did an awesome job cookin up the grub and I discovered mixing PW's WAY too sweet table wine with a rather astringent Merlot that a friend of Mr. Bud's brewed up ranked as one of the best wines I've ever had. Savored every last drop as I shifted amounts of each, to create every glass, a distinct taste and bouquet. God it was good. Anyway, it was good to connect with Mr. Bud for a while and it was a nice, mellow night.

Yesterday...no, two days ago, PW and I went out and impulse-bought a new ride. It's a GOLD, not champagne (sorry honey), AWD Mercury Mountaineer. I like it for taking only a few minutes to decide on and purchase it. Had to contemplate and research all night long, just to convince myself we made a good deal, but we did. Just doubling the damn mpg over the Expedition we traded in, was a wise move. The best feature is the little jack that I can plug my mp3 player into. No more crappy radio, or CD's-just plug and play all the music I've collected over the years from all over the world:)

Tonight, I just opened a nice, full-bodied Cabernet, after the girls went to bed. Did the dinner dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, which sorely needed it. Wine helps this sort of thing, you know?

Not much else going on here. Trying to just be close to my family as much as possible. In less than a week-oh shit, I guess I can't talk about that just in case the wrong person is reading, but next week I'll blog from a couple new venues for a few days. Then its back home to finish up yet more house repair, remod and then off to the ship, again somewhere between NZ and Antarctica.

Hope all you folks out there are healthy, happy and your days are peaceful and prosperous.

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Mr. Bud said...

It was a very nice night. thank you again.

I still like "montana".

the golden... what rhymes with mountin'eer..??.. bra..zee
oh, i'll think of somethin.