Friday, February 29, 2008

Fish and nuts is all I've got

Not much to report from down here.  Same old same old.  We're back at sea and hard at work.  I've spent the last week attempting to work out some technical bugs holding things up and frustratingly, have had little success.  However, I've received word that a work-around has been accepted and that should make my life out here much less stressful, barring any system issues (knock wood).

My nuts are still healing and sitting a 12-hr shift is still extremely uncomfortable, but I am bearing up and off the hard drugs.  Another week and I'll be itching to take them out for a test drive.  Who am I kidding?  I'm ready right now, but a damn long way from home.  Uh, that reminds me of the joke about how there's only two kinds of sailors, but never mind...

Starting tonight, I'm back on the elliptical machine and the nicotine patch.  I've got to get back in shape after 5 weeks off my feet and smoking?  I only brought a limited amount and there are no smokes onboard.  Quit or quit are my only options...

The weather down here is only getting worse.  Every day is cold, windy and rainy.  Very unpleasant!

Has anyone ever had Patagonian Toothfish?  Evidently, it is one of the most expensive fish on the market, going for up to $40.00USD per kilo.  We traded a bunch of prawns for some while in port and man, is it good.  Better than any other salt-water fish I've ever had.  Not the best fish, mind you but very similar in taste and texture to walleye, which we call "poor man's lobster" back home and is pound-for-pound the best-eating fish in the world.  Anyway, they're ugly, as you can see, but taste pretty damn fine and would be even better with a bit of sav blanc, you know?


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Mr. Bud said...

that am one butt ugly fish.

reminds me of someone we know.