Tuesday, February 26, 2008

inside out or back to front?

As is common in this business, shit hit the fan only an hour after my
shift ended. I was forced to put in another 5 and a half hours,
ending my day by talking to an irate Chinese man, calling on his cell
phone from Malaysia, apparently from inside a toilet bowl, from the
sound of it. When I was finally able to drag myself off to bed, I
couldn't sleep from the stress and all the damn hydraulics going for
the cranes and winches. I managed an hour's sleep and crawled out of
that deep, dark hole to find that my luggage was not delivered. Back
to front, or inside out were the only options available this morning.
This will be one of those days (nights) where I curse my choice of
careers about every five minutes. I was really looking forward to
clean underwear.

We're in port until late today and hopefully my bag will show up, or
it's off to the city to shop for some overly expensive clothes after
we move over to the fuel dock and begin bunkering. Hopefully, I can
get someone to take my gangway watch if I need to go shopping. I
really need to get a better attitude this early in the trip, or it's
going to be a long one. Like being able to observe a rainbow, I need
to look at life with the sun at my back and 42 degrees below the rain
shower. Thirty-seven days to go.


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pick up somethin cool for PW