Friday, June 20, 2008

I no photo

Going through my pictures of the vacation, looking for a decent photo of the water park resort to post with my review of Wilderness Water Park and Golf Resort, I realized that I utterly suck at taking photos. Major suckage of the first order and without peer.

I'm very saddened that I just cannot manage such a simple task. However, it seems PW has no such issues and took this of LL, M and myself just outside the riding stables, back in the Dells. I've actually met two, other bloggers and man was it fun:)

When Mr. Bud gets back from paradise, I'll get some of his photos to post, too. He took thousands, I think.

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LL said...

Look how adorable we all are! haha Ok, yes, forgetting the anti-frizz hair shit will work wonders on the poodle look, but hey, I think we look damn good for 3 blogger parents who spent WAY too much time drinking and in the water and watching my child get hijacked by the Evil Horse from Hell. *grin*