Tuesday, June 3, 2008

last days

Got some good news today, sort of-planning a vacation (GO PW AND MR. BUD!)  It may get even more interesting if others from the blogging world show up...
Got to talk to PW and oldest son on the sat phone.   Nice to hear their voices on such a shitty day.
Essentially 3 shifts left in this trip.  Everything I've done in the past 5 days has been thrown out the window.  I need to re-do it all, document everything, write up reports and then get the fuck out of here.  Busy. As. Shit.  Most likely won't post again until I get stateside.  Pray the choppers can land-we've got bad weather coming.

See ya'll on the other side.


Jay said...

Have a safe trip back dude!

PR said...

Safe travels Pirate. I hope we can catch up state side.