Monday, June 16, 2008

Water park

Having too much fun to blog much, yet.  Maybe tonight while we're sitting around getting hammered, again.  LL and Co met us here at the resort and we had a blast.  They had to take off last night to do the Monday morning work thing, but were able to come back today with kiddies in tow.  Today is a little cloudy and cold and I already had to make a hospital run for my oldest girl, but we're still on target for more fun, sun and booze.   Oh yeah, we drunk-dialed Steph last night:)


~Jack~ said...

And Steph deserves to be drunk-dialed as often as possible!

Steph said...

Steph loved the drunk dial since Steph is a child-ridden recluse who can't seem to manage getting out of her house!

When are you guys posting again? Are you having too much fun? What? Wha? WHAT!?!?!?!