Friday, June 20, 2008

Violence erupted in the last 76 miles

Thursday was our last day at the water park resort.  PW took the kids to the playhouse/arcade for a couple of hours while Mr. Bud and I packed the truck and trailer.  We rolled out of the Dells and our highway promptly turned into the wrong one without warning.  Went East instead of North.  Got back on track and drove to our next highway change.  Within a few miles our next highway also turned into the wrong one, with no warning.  Whine complain from the back seats.  Once again, we went East instead of North.  A while later we hopped on yet another northbound.  About an hour later, it too, switched to another highway without any warning.  Whine complain from the back seats.  Mind you, it's not that we didn't have a map-we had a Rand-McNally road atlas.  It was just that that not only was the atlas wrong, so were the road signs.  Anyway, whine complain from the back seats...

So, we popped out at the Michigan border, still generally on track and heading North AND in familiar territory, but our highway had mysteriously changed from 55 to 73. (whine complain from you know where)  No problem.  The map showed 55 heading into Michigan, right to the highway we needed to drive home on.  It also showed it to be within a few miles to the West of us, just before a small town listed on the map and recognized by a road sign.  We boogied West.  No highway.  No freaking town.  Thoroughly frustrated and wondering what the fuck was going on (twilight zone???) we kept moving West to the next highway heading North, 416.   Yep, you guessed it, no highway.  Nada.  We ended up driving 45 miles West to a town we KNEW existed because we drove through it on the way down.  Had a quick dinner (endured a lot of whining and complaining) and continued North.  It was right about the sign that said "Houghton 76 miles", that violence began to erupt in the back seat.  I think it was PW that first threatened to kill somebody, or just chop off their head.

Finally, about 2 1/2 hrs later than I planned, we rolled into our driveway after dropping off the Bud clan.  PW crashed out, LP jumped on the computer to check that her Webkins hadn't starved during the week and I read blogs for an hour.  Soon after we also crashed.  Long freaking day.  Later today I hope to post a few pics of the resort and I already wrote a review of the place and might get that posted on the review site.

Oh yeah.  What did we do today after 5 days of water parks?  Took LP to swimming lessons and sat around a pool.  I think I whined and complained just a little.

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