Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm a looooser

For the second day in a row, I'm viewing the world through very fuzzy glasses.  Two nights ago the shitty, little bunk I sleep in took out a measure of revenge on me.  I went to bed healthy and happy. Woke up with a pinched nerve/pulled muscle in my shoulder.  B. A. D.  I had to take a couple of the F350 Super-Duty muscle relaxers I carry for just such an occasion, yesterday.  Suffice to say the world looked a little blurry and I spent several hours, at least, dozing at my computer, randomly clicking the mouse in my sleep and fucking up a lot of work.  (Never wake up and hit save!)

Anyway, the drugs also didn't help my shoulder much.  So I took two more and went to bed.  Today?  Fuzzy.  Very Fuzzy.

I was however, able to view all the photos you sent of the CC weekend with PW, LP, the Hooostons and The BeerMeisters ( Nobody mentioned The BeerMeisters joined you guys), Mr Bud.  Thanks for the pics, it looks like a great time was had by all:)  

Oh, and a big "L" for LOOOOSER right back at everyone sitting at the table in Fitzgeralds!


Mr. Bud said...

everything we've done in the past has lead us to this moment in life.

I will trade you lives in a heartbeat.

let's see... you need to get my taxes done, set up the stupid WiFi for the neighborhood and you get Dr. Evil. Plus... o never mind. It all sucks.

I get... a fucking hilarious daughter,.. make that 2, a genius son, a wonderful wife, (a bit obsessive, mind you..) a house, a tit's ass car (sorry about the suspension test) and a chance to see (and know) the world... and the southern cross....and...

ok. trade any day mister.

I have more pictures of LP because I take them to send to you... you dope.

some kind of sorry ass midlife crisis. baaah. been there done that.

yer coming home soon, and were waterparkin' (LL+M..!) so fix your shoulder and get ready to get quick fried in that 'sconsin sun!
(and beer... lots, KBC just got a milwaukee distributer..)

(this is not my beautiful house.. this is not my beautiful wife.. talking heads)

The Pirate said...

Love that song. Good to hear the BrewMeisters are going big time, hope they don't raise the price of pints and speaking of that-we better get our asses over there a few times this break!!
LL+M? I was wondering if we'd be close enough to TP LL's house...

Mr. Bud said...

The TP will make an excellent backdrop for the pink flamingos, garden gnombs, and the flaming piles of elephant poop.

ps. pints went to 2.50. easier math. bad for tips...

Anonymous said...

You tell em Mr.Bud how wonderful his wife is... and don't let him forget it:)
and she even cleans up after him NO cabin boy here:(