Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Loadmaster 5000

OK, I'm back on the beach. Crew-x was a bitch, as usual. I drank too much and got little sleep, as usual. We did have a damn good time in Perth, taking over a sleepy, little English pub just a block down from the hotel where we had day rooms. I saw mine long enough to take a shower, then spent the rest of the day/evening and half the night, trying to empty the pub of Guinness. Not an easy task at an English pub.

Anyway, it was the same old traveling shit. Long lines, shitty airplane food, too-short connections, running from one terminal to the next, cutting security lines, radioing gates to hold planes, etc. Suffice to say I made it.

Once home, I slept a lot, PW fed me very well (thanks honey!) and I generally hung out close to home, spending time with PW and LP. We ventured into the woods for a walk, but recent rains clouded the woods with mosquitoes. We ended up driving old logging trails, exploring from the comfort of my pickup. We discovered, among other things, the ultimate in backwoods shitters, the Loadmaster 5000. This state-of-the-art crapper features high-tech, ultra-strong, 3/4" particle board construction, topped with a naturally weathered, hardwood seat, unique rainwater flush system and authentic Loadmaster 5000 nameplate.

We found this gem just a few miles into the woods, but really in the middle of nowhere, on the side of an overgrown four-wheeler track that once must have been the way to somebody's tree stand.
I might throw up a ground blind somewhere around here, just to take advantage of the Loadmaster. It really is a slick piece of work and I'd like to give it a test run. I didn't even run the idea past PW, or LP-they would've driven off without me if I would've tried to use it.

So, we left and continued deeper into the woods. Soon, I saw an unusually steep ridge off the trail and knew it had to be holding back some water. Oh yeah, we found a very nice, little wilderness lake.

We pulled the truck into little clearing..

PW and LP found a small turtle who was not only camera-shy, but had no bladder control...

So I pitched him in the lake and he peed in it. As pretty as it was, I wouldn't swim in it, now. We stood for a while and enjoyed the view, though...

We saw a couple of loons floating quietly, but I couldn't get a good shot of them, due to the sun. A few minutes later, LP made a wonderful discovery in the grass...

A baby bird, perhaps only minutes old. I snapped a very hurried shot and we quickly left the lake before mother bird got too upset, wherever she was.

That was about it for our fun in the woods. We rumbled back home, ate and I passed out on the couch. Since then, I've been working out, sleeping and taking LP over to the commons area of my alma mater, to ride her bike on the endless sidewalks. I've also been planning our 2008 Summer Waterpark Resort Adventure, located right in the heart of rainy, watersoaked and mostly flooded Wisconsin, where mr. Bud, PW, LP and I plan to meet LL and Co! Should be fun and man o man do I need to get in some fun. This is a very short break and it's right back to Australia for another 5 weeks:(

Anyhoo, we're packin plenty of food, booze and a few bottles of my wine and I am so ready to go, despite all the damn flooding down there.

Finally, one of my old friends and newest reader, PR, is getting hitched this weekend! Congrats to the happy couple and I hope to see you guys again, REAL SOON!! I've known PR for many years now, were even colleagues for a few years and he's a great guy. I was not surprised to meet his fiancée and find her to be quite special as well. A whole bunch of us got together at a local joint and had a nice, loud, rowdy dinner:) Man, is it good to be home! I'll most likely pick up the blog again once we recover from meeting LL and I can see straight, again:)



LL said...

I'm so excited for ya'll to get down this way! I promise to try to filter the language around the chil'rens, but no guarantees, m'kay?

~Jack~ said...

Pirate, she'll just about wear everyone out. You're gonna need a vacation from your vacation! ;-)