Friday, October 31, 2008

and the good news is....

Wrapping up a lot of projects this week and next.  We now have a new, metal roof on the castle.  It's red, per PW's request.  I completed the woodshed, minus the matching metal roofing that's on order, still.  I've got a good start on splitting the firewood and the old furnace is nearly ready to completely hook up the vacuum side.  I jacked up the old porch and replaced the rotted bottom of a post and the old stair railing.  Painted the woodshed and the porch with a Wagner power painter. 

Because I'm old and not working out much these days, I woke up pretty damn stiff and sore.  Decided to take the morning off from house projects to take a leisurely walk in the woods around my hunting area, despite not being able to hunt this year due to my work schedule.  After a half hour in the woods, I was feeling frisky and thought I would shoot up one of the taller ridges above where I set my blind.  Pushing through the thickest part along the edge of the ridge I came across a lean-to tent made from a tarp.  No trail in or out of this makeshift camp, it sits on the edge of the ridge affording no clear shooting, but excellent views of the only two vehicle access routes into the area I hunt.  It looked highly suspicious and set off alarm bells in my head.  I was still at about 150 yards in the thick shit, so I simply turned around and headed straight for my truck, quietly.

Halfway to the truck, I remembered that we have an armed fugitive in the area, sighted only a few miles from where I was.  He is supposed to be equipped with a 4WD truck and several thousand dollars in cold-weather camping gear.  I called the county sheriff and eventually led two sheriff's back to the campsite.  Turned out to be some sort of temporary camp for a survivalist-type, abandoned for at least the last month-long before this fugitive was supposed to have arrived.  Damn odd place to build a shelter and damn lucky I didn't find them during deer season with a rifle in my hands.  Anyway, the sheriffs were glad to get out in the woods and away from paperwork and we all got a good workout.

Tonight, PW and I took LP out for Halloween.  We went trick-or-treating and also to a haunted house.  Properly scared we went home to crash for the weekend.

And then I got a bit of good news...   I get an extra week and a half of vacation!  I won't join my ship until near the end of November and starting tomorrow, I am getting geared up for DEER SEASON!!  Gonna put some meat in the freezer, baby...

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Steph said...

Disregard prior comment. WOO HOO! Deer season! I'm going to give you another WOO HOO! even though I can't fathom why you'd want to shoot something so big just to have to clean, dress and lug it back to be butchered! But WOO HOO! anyway!