Monday, October 27, 2008

From the great white North

Reports of my demise have been wildly exaggerated.  I am not dead.  Yet.

I have, however, been a tad busy since arriving home from Singapore about 2 weeks ago.  I've done a bit of work on my furnace, entertained and housed some friends of ours for a long weekend and built a woodshed (almost, it needs the walls sheeted, a door installed and some metal roofing slapped on top).  LP and I spent a few long days in the woods, honing her 4WD skills and discovering new wilderness hideaways.  We finished swimming lessons and started skating lessons, but I missed yesterday's lesson due to having to get the tar paper laid down on the woodshed before the snow started. 

Yes, it's snowing here.  Been snowing on and off all night and day.  Yesterday, it started as rain, but overnight it got damn cold and down came the white stuff.  It's 30 with light snow at the moment.  I've got the woodstove humming and can't quite seem to get motivated to sheet the woodshed in this cold!

Still about 2 weeks until I have to head back to work, this time in Angola.  Really looking forward to working in West Africa, again-NOT!

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fyremandoug said...

west Africa just dont sound Fun Pard.... no it just dont