Saturday, October 4, 2008

Prison food

Have I mentioned that one of the consequences of leaving Australia is that we loose our awesome Australian chefs and messmen.  They have been replaced by one ancient filipino cook and a guy who cleans up the mess.  We're talking like 6 trained professionals, two of them 4-star chefs replaced by a guy who cannot bake bread.  I asked where the bread was at the first meal.  "Nobody here make bread.  Me know not how."  Yeah, horrible memories of my last ship are haunting me. So far, when they out food out it's edible.  That is as far as I will go.  Edible.  The worst part of the whole issue?  I've been so spoiled I nearly cried when I found out that we no longer have a night cook.  So what do I get to eat after working 12 hours of back-breaking labor in the 100 degree heat and 100 percent humidity?  Toast and fucking yogurt.   Yeah, just what a hungry man needs after 12 hours on a chain-gang.  Fuck me.

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