Monday, October 6, 2008

New Digs

Woke up this morning to find myself in Jurong Shipyard.  I wanted to post images of the yard and the hundreds of FSPO's, jack-ups, semi-subs, tenders, freighters, tugs and tankers, but the shipyard has military contracts and photography is expressly forbidden.  I should point out that I did not take a dozen photos before becoming aware of the rule an hour or so after we docked and won't be posting them once I clear out of the country.  Nope.

Spitting is also against the law.  I think you can get caned for that and chewing gum.  Not sure what the law on chewing tobacco is, even if you swallow and don't spit.

As I write this, a twenty-story crane is swinging a 50 ton cement counterweight over my head, back and forth.  It's only a little unnerving, given that we are in a second-choice dock because our first choice (based on safety and whatnot) killed 5 people recently and has been shut down by the government.  The next two weeks should prove to be interesting, but I hope incident-free.  We are placing the utmost priority on surviving this docking and dry dock with all of our bits and bobs intact.

That said, the quality of the food is decaying and in about a week our galley will be shut down.  The current plan is to have catered food brought in and we eat under a canopy up on the helideck.  THAT will be a challenge.

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