Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 3 of port

Port calls are always chaos, no matter where you go, or what you have to get done.  This one is no exception.  Lack of supplies, incorrect, or broken equipment, trucks and cranes MIA, barefoot Indian and Chinese dockworkers swarming over the ship, walking into cabins, grabbing everything not nailed down.  Three times in two nights, people have just walked into my cabin while I was sleeping and promptly bolted as I woke up.  If I catch one of the fuckers I swear to Christ I'm gonna rip his little head off and shit down his neck.

Last night I slipped away for a much-needed break.  Myself and a couple others walked up through the supply base for a couple of quick Tiger beers.  Met the Captain, Chief Engineer and a few others at this dive called the Spindletop.  The pitchers of Tiger were cold, the owner made non-stop rounds topping off everyone's glass before it was half-empty and it was hard to leave.  We had a great BS session about everything but work, learned that our medic likes dead people in the carnal sense and argued over the best whorehouse in Bangkok.  Afterwards, I walked back in the dark, listening to the relative quiet and the insects in the trees, then it was off to the back deck to hump gear for 4 more hours.

Right after I woke up today, at shift change, the fire alarm sounded and we quickly mustered on the quay.  Turned out to be just a bunch of smoke from some electrical work in one of the public heads.  We have so many areas tore up and under construction that it's hard to keep track.  I had no idea anything was happening to the public heads.

My computer system upgrade stalled yesterday as my onshore support took an offshore vacation, but I was back in business this morning after a little bit of magic. With that settled, I can now head out into the stifling heat to hump gear off the ship, etc.


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