Thursday, October 2, 2008


Second day in Loyang.  Fucking strangers EVERYWHERE on my ship.  I hate this, it's like having a bunch of people you don't know and don't particularly like invading your house and tearing shit apart.  All day and ALL NIGHT.  They turn off the power, the water, anything, anytime.  They are dirty, messy and don't really care about my ship and I hate, hate, hate it.  On top of that, dock workers are notorious for stealing everything not nailed down.  I have to lock up and hide everything.  Wah!

OK, I'm done complaining.  Work progresses, despite the crap we endure while in port.  I tore apart two more computers, upgrading them.  One even works.  The other?  Well, it will eventually work-maybe by tomorrow.  Phones are absolute crap.  I need to call a relative and invite them down to see the ship, but the phones are nearly dead.  I wish they read this blog-I could just tell them to show up at the dock and have them call for me.  I'd really love to give them a tour...

Anyhooo, I have a ton of shit to do and really want to walk around for a few minutes on dry land, again.


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Mr. Bud said...

The universal language of acting like a physco always buys you some personal space.

just a thought.