Friday, July 10, 2009

The distance from here to there

Crew-x is right around the corner, only 72 hours hence. Doing a bit of rough navigation, I've calculated the Great Circle routes home.

From Luanda, Angola
Latitude: 8° 50' 17" S
Longitude: 13° 14' 3" E

to Johannesburg, South Africa
Latitude: 26° 12' 0" S
Longitude: 28° 5' -1" E

That's 1,339 miles, or 2,480 Km.

Then northwest from there to Houghton, Mi
Latitude: 47° 7' 19" N
Longitude: 88° 34' 8" W

For another 8,750 miles, or 14,081 Km.

Adding up the two gives me a grand total commute of 10,089 miles, or 16,561 Km, as the crow flies.

This time around, I've got excellent flights and layovers which should put me at about 29 hours total flying time, plus a 24 hour boat ride into Luanda and half a day clearing customs and immigration. All in all, not a bad commute home as long as I can avoid rush hour traffic...


vipergirl said...

LOL. Rush hour traffic.

PR said...

Knock on wood! Safe travels.