Saturday, July 11, 2009

Web cam

So I'm sitting out here slightly bored, whiling away the last hour of my last full shift.  I only have a short 5-6 hours to cover tomorrow morning, before crew-x.  I'm surfing the web and come across a website in my bookmarks I haven't seen in a while and remember that it has a web cam only a mile or so from my house.  Called up PW and LP and asked them to stop at the cam on their way into town.  You can walk right up to this one.   They did and I got to see them on the web cam:)  Nice treat to be able to see them when I'm 12,000 miles away and hundreds of miles offshore. It also makes a nice wallpaper for the computer as I spend my last hours onboard.  I guess I'll throw up an update tomorrow morning, but for now...time to sauna, do laundry, pack and try to catch a few hours sleep before the long journey home.  You all have a great day, a wonderful weekend and if you happen to be in the Copper Country, I'll see you soon.

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