Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm sure the title of the post will draw some new readers.  Sorry to disappoint, but I was simply spanked by the third engineer in PING-PONG.  Bastardo beat me in two games straight, like 21-3 and 21-5.  The quarterfinals are a whole new level that I just don't exist on.  My bad back did not help, either.
Nothing much else happening, here.  Had meetings all morning, then paperwork from the meetings.  Just biding my time till crew-x, which is now in jeopardy (of course) due to some mechanical/ops issues.  Shee-it, it wouldn't be crew-x if it wasn't in danger of being canceled, or delayed.  Even if I do make it, I'm flying into Atlanta and it has a bad record of canceled flights/unable to land bullshit, for me. Would rather be coming into Newark, JFK, Dulles, Miami, Houston, or (please, someday!) direct to Minnie.  Seems the weather is always against me in Atlanta.  C'est La Vie... 

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