Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More of a Pirate's miscellany

Woke up tired today.  Exhaustion from the 12-18 every day is starting to set in.  Drinking coffee, non-stop, from wake up till I hit the rack.  That's usually a good sign that it's time to get off the ship-anything over, say, 30 cups/day.  Five hours in and I'm on cup 9...

Found Buzz Aldrin on Twitter today.  Didn't know he did a rap video with Snoop??  Also, decided to follow Obama for a while, sort of a morbid curiosity thing, you know?  Also Noted Danny Evans (The Almighty Dad Gone Mad) decided to follow me, yesterday.   If you Tweet, go check out my followers, followees.  Maybe you'll find somebody new and worthwhile...

Food quality has been going way up and WAY down, lately.  I've been eating mostly salads, anyway.  Freaking fresh veggies on the ship, here in West Africa, are like crack! 

Ripped open the side of my foot trying to get out of my bathroom in rough seas.  Cannot find what actually sliced my foot open (down the entire side, from little toe to heal!).  On top of something unknown, lurking in the shadows, waiting to rip open my other foot, the wound looks to be infected.  Red lines running up your leg are a bad thing, no?

Was informed that one of our small boats on another ship had an accident and capsized, with the guys bailing out into the sea.  Hate to hear things like this, but at least they all survived and we can learn a few lessons from it.  It's a vivid reminder that what we do out here can seem like a just the daily grind, but is, in reality, extremely dangerous.  The dangers of fire, explosion, crushing, dismemberment, drowning, sharks, etc., are all around us out here, yet you sometimes tend to loose the sense of immediacy when dealing with them on a day-to-day basis.  Reminders are a good thing.

Still waiting to find out where I'm going next.  I'm really hoping for Peru, or Madagascar and NOT waiting around for more Angola, late in the year, though that will most likely happen no matter where I go in the interim.

Whatever the case, I'm outta here in 5 more days and outta Angola in 6...God willing the creek don't rise.


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