Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer fun

One of the downsides to my piracy career is that often I miss a season, or get very little of it.  Such is the case with this summer.  I've three weeks now and then it's over for me.  With motivation like that, I woke LP early yesterday.  Fed her a hearty breakfast, dressed her warm and off we went for an early morning fish.  We started on one of our favorite streams to hike.  It has a wooden boardwalk on both sides, as it winds lazily through a slough, into the big canal that divides the two biggest towns in this area. Its also dotted with several fishing stations and benches along the way, but in the end, despite the beauty of the river and the comfort of the boardwalk, it remains a fall salmon river only, unless you hike way up into the headwaters to hunt for brookies. 

We left and hit another favorite spot, this time a favorite for fishing. A small, wooded point on the canal, it's right in town, but nearly always deserted and boasts a 24 ft drop-off.  We drifted worms and pieces of hotdog, but the wind and current were against us.  Hiking back to the car, LP found a nice piece of float copper.  After a quick lunch, we next fished a long, wooden dock on the canal right in front of Mr. Budd's house.  LP had all the luck and I had a wonderful time watching her.

Instead of going home in the afternoon, LP wanted to go four-wheeling.  We drove out into the bush and I gave LP the wheel.  She loves to drive and especially in the mud.  She drove us all over the woods, finding every single mud bog in the forest.  We also stopped at our favorite wilderness lakes, saw a timberdoodle, deer and some ducks.  After LP took a year, or two off the life of the truck, we limped home and I stayed pretty close to the couch for the rest of the evening. 

Finally, that other summer tradition, ticks.  Got a big, hairy bastard trying to suck me dry right through my kneecap.  Smothered him in vasoline and scraped him off a few minutes later.  Ticks.

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vipergirl said...

Ok I give. Whats a Timberdoodle?