Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Pirate's Miscellany

I think I forgot to mention I saw a bunch of whales the other day; mother and calf and a few stray bulls shadowing us.  Sperm whales from their distinctive, one-blow hole, 45 degree blow.

Today, a pack of dolphins were hunting off our port bow.  From the look of the panicked little dudes, the tuna were the object of the hunt.  They were all trying to make like flying fish, with little, or no success.

The weather here is really hot today. Like Africa hot, oddly enough.

My crew-x "limo" is alongside right now.  I was just out doing laps on the heli-deck and boy oh boy, did it look inviting.  Wish today was next Sunday and I was getting on that fucker and heading for the beach.

Watched the first half of LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring last night.  The file came from someone on the crew from outside the US and again, there were a ton of scenes new to me.  This time, it did tend to add to the story a bit (possibly unlike the difference between The Professional and Leon).

Still reading A Short History of Nearly Everything.  What a delightful book!  He pops in and out of each science as needed to tell the tale of everything, and we've just dropped back in to visit Geology and the fact that Yellowstone is one, giant caldera, ready to obliterate humans from the face of North America.  Very cool.

That's all the Sunday News from West Africa that's fit to print.  Peter Frampton has just replaced Gloria Gaynor on my laptop and the young Indonesian working next me is seriously considering taking a fire axe to the side of my head over the strange music I play 18 hrs/day.  Ya'll have a great day.  Be cool and stay in school.

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